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Chipps lives long enough to learn about the death of his beloved students in several world conflicts. As a father figure, his life is full because the love and admiration the young boys feel for him. The film made Robert Donat a favorite of the movie going public. Donat goes from being a taciturn person into a jolly old man living on his own because Katherine dies young. The film improves tremendously when Greer Garson appears. Her luminous presence changes the tone of the movie because of her incredible charm.

Paul Henreid makes a short appearance as Staefel, the fellow teacher who invites Mr. Chipps to accompany on a vacation trip to Austria. Sam Wood direction pays a close look to detail. The film is a classic and will live forever. Chips' features a top-notch performance by Robert Donat as the somewhat stuffy English prep school teacher, Mr. Miniver' in the Alps while on holiday. Garson is able to show the stodgy Chips how to live life and her effect on him lasts throughout the rest of his life, although Garson is not around for long. The film uses recurring patterns to show the passage of time, namely the showing of the boys arriving at the school each year in the autumn.

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Wells and how he will never last because his writing is too fantastic. Sadly, Chip's historical error occurs when he comments to the boys that they will not have to go off to World War I as the war cannot possibly last more than a few weeks. So many of the teachers and students end up losing their lives in the Great War. Even more outstanding and interesting about Donat and his character is that he covers so much of a common man's existence; Chips is a teacher, not a King, general, messiah or Mafia chieftain. My brief review of the film sol- 20 March A warm, pleasant and charming film about how a person changes throughout life, the people one gets to know, the friendships, and the inspiration that one can provide for many others.

It is not so much a film that amazes, but rather one that is hard to flaw. The cast is good, but in particular Robert Donat is excellent, playing the title character from youth adulthood to older age. The film manages to capture both the spirit of youth the schoolboys and the experience of their teachers, making it a very well rounded film.

Together with an excellent makeup job and a good selection of music to fit the film, the overall result is very praiseworthy. This is one of the greatest films ever made and easily surpasses later versions.

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Donat's progression from young inexperienced teacher to that of acting headmaster is quite brilliant, as is the overall portrayal of public school life down from Victorian times through to the verge of the Second World War. There were many Mr. Chips' of the period and there have been since, so much so that the phrase has become folklore in the English language.

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I don't mind admitting the ending brought tears to my eyes as this wonderful old man, who lost his wife and son during childbirth, reminisces about his lifetime in teaching and how he influenced all the hundreds of boys in his care, including those who did not survive the First World War. It is important for the modern generation to appreciate how their society was shaped and this film does it in abundance.

It is founded on self sacrifice and service to the community at large and the public school system in particular. MartinHafer 2 March This movie is marvelous and for so many reasons. Second, the acting and writing is so good it is almost impossible to imagine them being better.

Greer Garson and Robert Donat are so perfect together. This is a story about a confirmed bachelor who is a teacher at a boys prep school. Chips" as they call him is very decent but dull--and he's been a fixture at the school for some time. However, quite unexpectedly he meets a woman who pulls him out of his shell and changes his life Garson. Unfortunately, lovers of happy endings beware--this romance will rip out your heart. Even the most jaded will find themselves pulled into it emotionally. This is a great film through and through.

All those associated with this film have done themselves proud. A lot of people were mystified that Clark Gable did not win the Oscar for "Gone With The Wind", but as good as he was, he had to play 2nd fiddle to Robert Donat for his amazing performance as Mr. Chipping in "Goodbye Mr. His was one of the really great acting achievements, and certainly the best he ever did. One has to wonder if ill-health had not shortened his life, just how many more Awards he would have got - but then not many roles like Mr. In what was one of her very early roles, Greer Garson made a lovely Mrs.

Chipping - just right for this. The atmosphere of that gentle time in England was well captured by Sam Wood, and this truly is a film for film buffs to really enjoy. If you can get it on DVD or Tape, do so. Chips modeled the character out of a former teacher he had at a British public school who had a similar lengthy term of service.

It's nice to know that there are people like Chipping actually teaching our future generations out there. Chips is the sort of role that fit Robert Donat and only Robert Donat. I cannot imagine any other actor playing the cerebral and shy schoolteacher. The film follows him for about sixty of the 83 years of his life. He arrives at Brookfield School around , a young idealistic graduate certain of the vocation he has chosen. He doesn't mix well and his pedantic ways don't make him a school favorite. Donat certainly changes when on holiday in Europe with Paul Henreid, the German teacher at Brookfield School, he meets and eventually weds Greer Garson.

Chips was Greer Garson's first introduction to American audiences. When she emerges from that mist on the Alp both Donat and she are climbing, she was a star from then on. Her screen image was set as the wise, tactful, and patient wife who was normally partnered with Walter Pidgeon.

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  8. But she and Donat have good chemistry also. Paul Henreid also got his first exposure to American audiences as well.

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    Interesting that in a German would be played so sympathetically. My feelings are that they wanted to show that the Allies had nothing against the German people only the terrible ideology that at that time held them in sway. Sutterwick's father's going to say. Something very smooth,. You know that he is the generous donor. I know he has a great deal of money. I'll be seeing you tonight for dinner? I'm very much looking forward to it. I really want to be disliked? He plainly thinks I'm a bloody sadist. My dear fellow, that's the first time. I ever heard you swear. There has to be a first time. I don't think the boys do dislike you.

    I can't blame them. I'd dislike myself, I think. A man whose textbook on Pindar What is worse than a teacher A teacher who doesn't try to, like Baxter. Look out, it's Old Blood and Iron. That's just their humour. He was one of England's most popular mid twentieth century dramatists. His plays are typically set in an upper-middle-class background.

    There came to him, stirred by the warmth of the fire and the gentle aroma of tea, a thousand tangled recollections of old times. Spring—the spring of He was forty-eight—an age at which a permanence of habits begins to be predictable. He had just been appointed housemaster; with this and his classical forms, he had made for himself a warm and busy corner of life. During the summer vacation he went up to the Lake District with Rowden, a colleague; they walked and climbed for a week, until Rowden had to leave suddenly on some family business.

    Chips stayed on alone at Wasdale Head, where he boarded in a small farmhouse. One day, climbing on Great Gable, he noticed a girl waving excitedly from a dangerous-looking ledge.